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Pacman Jones says Pittsburgh receiver Antonio Brown should get a Grammy for faking concussion

In the final moments of a heated, physical and often dirty playoff game between the Bengals and Steelers, Pittsburgh receiver Antonio Brown suffered what appeared to be a concussion after a late hit by Vontaze Burfict. Even though Antonio Brown appeared to have been knocked unconscious and was taken out of the game, some on the Bengals thought that he was just faking it. Notably, Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones of the Bengals said that Brown was not hurt, was acting and that ‘He deserved a Grammy Award for that’. Jones claimed that Brown winked at him and that’s how he knew he was acting.

The Antonio Brown hit itself resulted in a 15 yard penalty on Burfict and lead to a later confrontation for which Pacman Jones himself earned a 15 yard penalty. Both penalties put Pittsburgh in field goal range and promptly lost the game for Cincinnati which appeared to have sealed the deal after a late game interception. Bengals players and fans were upset that Pittsburgh coach Joey Porter had apparently instigated the late Pacman Jones penalty by being on the field when he wasn’t supposed to be and by talking trash to Bengals players. They were also upset over an earlier unpenalized hit by Shazier on Bengals RB Bernard which appeared to knock him out. 

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