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Johnny Manziel disguised himself with blonde wig, sunglasses, and fake mustache, while going AWOL from Browns and partying in Las Vegas

Johnny Manziel has been a magnet for off the field controversy, mostly centered around his partying, since he first entered the NFL. The latest chapter in the Johnny Football saga saw Manziel miss a mandatory concussion protocol meeting at the Browns facility on Sunday, the weekend of a game. Browns staff tried to reach Manziel and were unable to. He was described by team staff as having gone AWOL.

Later, reports emerged that the night before Manziel was in fact in Las Vegas partying it up. But, it gets better: Johnny Football wasn’t just in Las Vegas, he was in disguise in Las Vegas. Namely, Manziel is said to have worn a blonde wig, fake mustache, and sunglasses, while telling people his name was ‘Billy’ as he frequented a Vegas nightclub and restaurant. Manziel also asked to have his bill comped, since he didn’t want to use his card and didn’t bring cash, but eventually he ended up paying with his card. 

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